Wearable Technology?!

Google glass is wearable technological device that is worn around your head. It has an optical head-mounted display, and was obviously developed by Google. Google Glass displays the information in a smart phone like format and in a hands free way. The users use the internet with voice commands, to do things like capture photos, phone calls, send test messages, provides navigation, downloads apps and many more. Google glass became available to the public on May 15th, 2014 with a price of $1500. Google provides four different frame prescriptions for an extra $225.00.  For the prescription, Google partnered with an Italian eye wear company Luxottica.


Helping the Deaf

There is a new wearable device that translates spoken words into vibrations that help the deaf understand speech in a different way. Since there are about 53 million people of which are deaf worldwide. People at Baylor College in Texas are developing a device that relies on sensory, that involves feeding information from one sense into another. This device has sensory receptors that send electrical signals to the brain. This new device known as the vest (short for versatile extra-sensory transducer), can be worn on top of clothing or underneath. A microphone on the vest takes sounds from the environment and feeds them into an Android tablet or smartphone, which takes the audio simialr to speech and converts it into unique patterns of vibration in about two dozen tiny buzzers.

Robots To The Rescue!

Computer scientists have made machines that have the balance and agility to be able to run/walk on any plain field, even or uneven. This makes them more useful in our society today. A humanoid robot names Atlas, was created by Boston Dynamics, a company that Google bought in December 2013. This robot can walk and run on any platform without losing balance, unlike some previous robots like Honda’s ASIMO. Robots like this could help with hospital emergencies, and also help the elderly with house chores.These robots can walk on a treadmill, and stay balanced on one leg with a 20 pound wrecking ball! Its powerful diesel engine is external and noisy, and its titanium limbs move around dangerously. This  robot could perform repair work in environments too dangerous for emergency workers to enter, like the control room of a nuclear power plant of a possible meltdown.





The Palestinian and Israeli Conflict

In the late 1800s, Europe decided to conquer Palestinian territory. The Zionist group (most of the Jewish population) had considered parts of Africa before Palestine. At first the immigration was no problem until more Jewish began immigrating, it sparked a problem. However, in 1997 the UN gave away 55% of Palestinian land to the Jewish state. In the 1947 to 1949 war Israel has conquered 78% of the Palestinian land, three quarters of million Palestinians and been made refugees, and over 500 towns and villages have been taken over. A new map has been drawn and every town and river was given a new Hebrew name as if the Palestinian culture had been erased. Former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir saying “There were no such thing as Palestinians.” There is not enough hatred in the world to show how much i disagree with not just what he said but everything. Knowing that there is no land or hope for any Palestinians is heart breaking, they are struggling to survive. No matter how much land has been taken over, Palestine will remain Palestine, and it doesn’t matter what any map says, Palestine was always Palestine. I say all this because I’m Palestinian myself and i know how hard it is knowing that there is no hope left for our land, and i know how hard life is there, and its for that reason we moved to Canada. That isn’t easy either since Israel doesn’t allow Palestinians to use our airport, no matter where you were born or where you come from. I honestly don’t know what else Israel can take away from us, but it hopefully Palestine will win this war, and take everything back that is rightfully theirs.

Maps showing Palestinian loss of Land

Working at Google, Facebook, etc.

Very popular sites and web browsers take a lot of work to impress the audience, however, the working space these people work in just makes their job so much more enjoyable. a very popular example would be Google. They provide your health insurance, retirement benefits, etc. They offer so much more than just the basics. Google not only makes sure there time at work is spent happily but also outside of work. Employees working at Google and their family are covered with travel insurance and emergency assistance, even if your on a personal vacation. Parents with new children get time off and extra spending money to spend on their newborn. Google will help you out with your classes and degree programs, as well as getting legal advice at no cost. In the U.S.Google employees get legal services at a discount. Google really tries to focus on keeping you and family healthy and happy, and that is why they provide Google employees will many beneficial programs. Google requires a lot leadership, role related knowledge, info on how you think, and your needs to make your work space a enjoyable one.

NASA Deep Space Hibernation

This hibernation plan is something very new and advanced to the world. I think this is a great idea, because humans have not yet visited Mars. Humans will be able to go in person, to collect samples of things.Although robots and such have explored Mars, physically being there is a whole new experience.Since Mars is our second alternative to living on Earth, it would be incredible to find out the living conditions there. However,  I feel like it would be complicated to store food to last minimum ten years,especially for a large amount of people. This is goes with water, air and other various needs to last the crew years. There also has to be plenty of room, people can be cholosteraphobic, and develop depression, so its also very important so look into all these human needs, to make this a successful trip. In conclusion, this trip will be somthing very exciting to the world, and give access to many new discoveries, while maintaining the stability of the humans lives on board.

Windows 7 VS Windows 8

Windows 8 is designed differently because its designed for touch screen purposes such as tablets and laptops. An obvious difference is the new “Start Screen” known as the Metro. There is now a Windows store where you can purchase wanted apps. There is a pre-installed defense system called “Defender”. A great improvement would be that you don’t need to click the X in the corner to exit, you can easily just press the Windows key included in the keyboard to exit. However, if its a touch screen, you can just swipe the top of the screen to exit as well. Another improvement would be that they replaced the start menu with a “Charms Bar” located when the mouse slides across the right side of the screen. The struggle of having to open up a website and log in every time you want to check you mail can be stressful, So, there is now also a “Mail” app, to easily access you email. the “People” app also makes it easier to contact people within many social media contacts only on one application. Similar to Windows 7, there is still a desktop, to access it, just merely click the tile labelled Metro to access the desktop.  With my experience with Windows 8, I defiantly see an significant improvement, and find it just as easy to use. Especially since it can be used in tablet form. Most people find it difficult to use, but the search included in the metro, you cam easily find any app desirable. In conclusion, the Windows 8 has massively improved from Windows 7, and that’s how systems nowadays should be like.